Pushing Dahlias

Blending in with the flowers wearing this off-the-shoulder dress.

First and foremost, I have to give my hubby credit for taking these photos and being so patient. His allergies were literally killing him as he was taking these photos and didn’t say anything until we finished. But, with the flowers and the sun setting, even he knew it was the perfect opportunity for a photo session.

I find this time of year to be magical, the colours and the flowers that sprout forward always have those vibrant colours with deep reds and bold yellows. It makes for a gorgeous scene in the countryside.

Once again, Andrew’s Scenic Acres offers rows and rows of dahlias, which you can clip yourself. I love the idea of a DIY bouquet. The colours, the length and the flowers are all picked and assembled by you. I loved seeing what other people had paired together, even clipping weeds and other flowers off the beaten path to match with their dahlias. It was such a beautiful time spent on a Sunday evening.

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