Earring Roundup

See what I’m currently coveting when it comes to this season’s earrings.

Fringe, disco ball, glitter, minimalist, classic… let’s face it, you can never just pick one type of earring. Sometimes we’re in the mood for a little glamour and other times we just want something simple. Depending on our outfits, time of day and type of event, our choices in earrings shouldn’t just stop at plain-jane. In this post, I’ve rounded up my favourite go-to earrings for every occasion.

Blue fringe

Gingham, off the shoulder dresses, and jumpers, I feel like these earrings just add a statement to your outfit. These fringe blue earrings are comfortable, and add a bit of fun to an outfit.

Ann Taylor

Hot pink disco balls

I can’t stop staring at these earrings which is why I purchased them. Cute with a t-shirt, jeans and jean jacket, these earrings make the cutest pop of a statement.

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Small studs

the Pearl, marble and glitter earrings are delicate and are perfect for everyday wear. From the office to night, these add a touch of elegance to a more classic, streamlined look.

Marble Earrings: Similar | Pearls

Glitter and shimmer

So these earrings will go with everything and anything you’re wearing. they’re that type of statement earring is noticed whether you’re hair is up or down. They go with every colour, pattern and style you choose to wear. So when you’re ready for a night out for fun, make sure you take these earrings with you.

Bauble bar


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