EOS shimmering lip balm


Read my take on the new EOS shimmering lip balms.


EOS is on a roll with new products for this season. Today, I’m reviewing the EOS shimmering lip balms.

So this is basically the same idea as their original lip balms only better. This balm contains jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin E which is supposed to leave your lips feeling super hydrated – especially in this dry weather. What makes it so special is that shimmering effect it gives to your lips, adding more shine while keeping them moisturized.  I think it’s a nice touch to the original.

The sheer pink is my favourite since it has a light tint to it and gives the illusion you’re wearing a little gloss on your lips.

For those who do not like the feeling of lipstick or, if you just want to wear something lightweight at work, this is the perfect lip balm. I highly recommend picking up a few of these and giving your lips a little shimmer.



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