Brunch O’Clock with XOXO Wines

It’s all girl talk and mimosas with XOXO Wines on the blog.

XOXO Wines is killing it with their delicious Sparkling Pinot Grigio Chardonnay, paired deliciously with fresh orange juice, grapefruit juice or just on its own, it’s the perfect treat to kick off a Saturday or Sunday morning.

I just love the fruity notes of the Chardonnay and the crisp bubbly taste, it’s light and refreshing which pairs so well with your favourite juice.

I think we’re all guilty of getting caught up in our own busy lives. From having a full-time job, blogging, family commitments or just finding some me-time, I feel that lately I’ve become too busy for so many simple things. Even if it’s just once a month, it’s always best to get together with your besties to catch up – we all need a little time together and XOXO Wines is the perfect excuse to do that.

In this case, I wanted to share this moment with my sissy because she is my best friend. We can laugh and chat for hours without even realizing the time. When I had the opportunity to share this with a friend, there was no one else I’d rather share it with!

It doesn’t take much to set up a small spread either, just a few delicious baked goods from your favourite bakery, OJ, a bottle (or two) of XOXO Sparkling Pinot Grigio Chardonnay and you have yourself a little party! Even if that can be a little overwhelming, designate one item for each guest and have them bring something, that way you can relax and enjoy the company rather than stressing about hosting. Either way, it’s always the best time when you can get together with friends and relax, so why not enjoy it with XOXO wines?


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