Busy bees

Today on the blog, a super sweet combo with black and white stripes and yellow culottes.

Spring makes me think of flowers blooming and in turn, bees buzzing. I guess you could say this outfit was inspired by the bees! Black and white stripes with yellow culottes pretty match the insect to a tee (hopefully, there’s nothing too painful about matching an insect this closely). I paired this long sleeve tee and yellow linen-culottes with black pumps, pom poms, and a bow detailed belt.


Quite often, what I’m going to wear the next day isn’t really on the brain, so having time to mix and match patterns and colours can be cut short. So here’s my rule of thumb, I to try to keep things as simple and as fast as possible by choosing one pattern and one or two bold colours per outfit. I find this little rule helps me pair outfits faster together.

Shop this bee-inspired look below.

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