EOS beauty review


I’ve had the pleasure of sampling EOS’s shaving cream and moisturizer, and the results are in!

I’ve always been a fan of EOS’s lip balms and have about one in each purse. When I found out they had a beauty line including lotion and shaving cream, I was intrigued. The obvious was that it was going to smell like heaven but was the product going to stand out among other shaving creams I’ve tried in the past? Read along as I put EOS to the test.

EOS shaving cream

First off, the scent of the shaving cream was amazing. Hints of Lavender and Jasmin filled the entire bathroom.

So right off the bat, this is not your regular shaving cream. It comes out more like a lotion and doesn’t lather the same way any ordinary shaving cream lathers on. Because it doesn’t foam up like other shaving creams, I found that I needed to use a lot more than usual. The only concern is you could run out of this stuff quickly.

The result? I really liked it! It definitely left my legs feeling smoother and I didn’t feel the need to put lotion on afterward, it didn’t dry out my skin like typical shaving creams. Now, It does claim it evens skin tone. I didn’t see anything different on my legs in the first try, but I understand claims like that take time. However, I doubt there’ll be a significant difference in the tone of my legs long term from using this product.


EOS berry blossom body lotion

The EOS berry blossom lotion, again, smelled amazing. The berry didn’t come off to pungent so it was a nice scent. A lot goes a long way with this lotion. Just one pump and you’ll cover a lot of limbs. I really like this product and find that it stays on and keeps my skin moisturized for the majority of the day. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a good-smelling lotion and not have it dry out on them within a few hours.


Overall, I really like these products and think EOS has a good thing going for them.

I’m looking forward to what they’ve got coming for us next!


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