St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence market

The perfect Sunday stroll.

I think the ideal Sunday for Kev and I is just walking through random neighborhoods in Toronto and stumbling across great finds. This was exactly what happened today at the St. Lawrence Market. We just sort of wandered through the streets and ended up finding an antique market with lots of great finds. Some of the things we loved were old record players, typewriters, letters from soldiers in WW1 & WW2, jewellery, vintage furs… and I could keep going.  There were also big items that included furniture pieces. I would have loved to start a DIY project with this neat side table I found. But, we’re already struggling with what little space we have in our condo so I had to pass. If you’re ever in the market for some great antique pieces, this is the place to check out. From what I was told, this is turning out to be a repeated event on Sundays. Check out some of my great finds below and check out the St. Lawrence Market on Sundays for yourself if you’re ever free.

I love the combination of arch windows, brick work and beautiful flowers.

Just an old vintage brief case with random books ontop. I just liked the way the books were placed ontop.

A vintage typerwriter for the win. There were lots of these hanging around.

This shot is one of my favourites. This vintage camera was very heavy to pick up but in great shape.

Vintage tea cups. Perfect for a tea party.

Vintage record player


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